2022 Chinese Movies » Xu Fu Treasure 蓬莱龙棺之徐福宝藏

Xu Fu Treasure (2022)


Xu Fu Treasure Movie Poster, 2022 蓬莱龙棺之徐福宝藏 Chinese film
Xu Fu Treasure Movie Poster 

Name Xu Fu Treasure
Chinese Name 蓬莱龙棺之徐福宝藏
Pinyin Péng Lái Lóng Guān Zhī Xú Fú Bǎo Zàng
Type Movie
Subtype Full Length Movie

Director: Wang Kai


Also Known As:
Peng Lai Long Gong Zhi Xu Fu Bao Zang

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 28 July 2022
Film Runtime: 90 minutes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery
Sub-genre: Action Thriller, Treasure Hunting

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