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Journey of East (2022)


Journey of East Movie Poster, 2022 东游传 Chinese film
Journey of East Movie Poster 

Name Journey of East
Chinese Name 东游传
Pinyin Dōng Yóu Zhuàn
Type Movie
Subtype Full Length Movie

Director: Li Liming


Benny Chan Lu Dongbin, Scholar
Li Mengmeng White Peony Fairy, White Jade
Clara Lee Monster
Li Jiabing Ming Yan
Pang Yong Li Tieguai
Yue Dongfeng Great White Golden Star
Diao Jing Elf
Zeng Wen Elf

Also Known As:
Dong You Zhuan

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 7 April 2022
Filming Date: 2022
Film Runtime: 90 minutes

Genre: Action, Fantasy
Sub-genre: Mythology, Martial Arts

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